We Are OneBark

OneBark & NextPaw were founded due to frustrations expressed by both manufacturers and retailers around the complexities involved with managing a digital marketing technology stack comprised of various tools, platforms, and services being pushed by 1000's of agencies. We asked ourselves, why isn't there a free platform for brands and retailers that takes care of the most important services in one place.

OneBark gives brands a free and powerful store locator solution that shortens the path to purchase locally. We enable brands to help local stores by putting them in control of the retail experience visitors see when they ask "where to buy" a specific product or brand.

NextPaw gives retailers the ability to simply connect or disconnect from the brands they offer both online and offline. Connecting with a brand allows retailers to manage the facts that appear on store locator listings and across the web about their local business. Retailers are able to personalize the experience by showcasing promotions, upcoming events, shopping options, and more!

OneBark & NextPaw have a mission to help brands (creators) and retail stores (sellers) thrive by putting amazing technology to work on their behalf so that they can focus on other high-value tasks. By democratizing these capabilities, retailers will be able to attain the quality and reach that only brand marketing teams or expensive agencies were able to provide. We're just getting started!