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Amplify your brand and store experience

Independent Retailers and Speciality Manufacturers are the backbone of the pet industry. Too often, opportunities to connect & support each other are squandered by the hopes of making a quick buck. WPA & NextPaw have partnered to level the playing field for both local independent retailers and specialty manufacturers. OneBark is a free service, exclusively available to verified independent retailers and manufacturers.


Free Enterprise Store Locator

Upgrade your store locator with OneBark and deliver more pet parents to your preferred local retailers for in-store shopping and online buying. Our 100% free modern store locator expands your website's footprint on Google by tapping into your retailer network, optimizes your retailer's profile by syncing to their Google My Business Page, and makes it convenient to shop for your locally available products on their phone, tablet, or laptop without leaving your website.


Content Collaboration

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Speak directly to your retailers by providing the data they need to sell effectively in-store & online. Whether it's a new product, time-sensitive recall or a promotion - sending an announcement to all of your participating partners is 100% free.


Social Media

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Support your neighborhood pet supply stores by designing & distributing social media posts to be published across your retailer's Social Media profiles - for free, forever.


What Brands are Saying

We love the social media tools inside OneBark. For the last few years, we've been on NextPaw's 1.0 version of OneBark Social and it has helped educate new local pet parents about the benefits of raw feeding. There is no better investment than helping local retailers accurately promote your product to their loyal fans.


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World Pet Association brings the pet world together, so quality interaction and education between and among product suppliers and pet owners can create healthier, happier pets and a healthier, more productive pet industry. WPA is your industry trade association.
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Digital Business Operations for Pet Retailers

NextPaw puts local independent pet retailers online. But we offer much more than just a website, we offer the complete digital foundation that the retailer needs to be successful in this day and age. Our platform gives pet supply store owners the industry specific tools that they need to manage their website and digital operations.

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